"He blessed them...and was carried up into the heavens...and they were continually in the temple praising and blessing Him.AMEN" (Luke 24)

Coming Up...Our Church Name Day Celebration!

      MAY 30th-JUNE 1st

Saturday, May 30th, Church Decorating @ 330pm & Pentecost Vespers @ 5pm.

Sunday, May 31st, PENTECOST Matins @ 830 & DL @ 930am

All Holy Spirit Akathist Service &Artoclasia @ 4pm

          Family Dinner to Follow!

Guest Speaker, Fr. Christopher Morris, of St George Antiochiam Orthodox Church, Kearney, NE                                               "Early 19th c. Orthodox Missionary:  Fr Nikola Yanney"

A Christian Lecture Series Coming Soon!

Each lecture will be 40 minutes with a Q & A to follow. One Hour of your time, to learn how to live a Christian Life!  Meet in the Church Proper.



Our Parish Community embraces the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is dedicated to the worship of the Holy Trinity, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  We are named in honor of the Holy Spirit, who is co-equal with the Father and the Son and who is the Life of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  The fruits of the Spirit include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These fruits represent the goals and aspirations of our faithful members in the Body of Christ.  These goals demonstrate our awareness of the seriousness of the Christian life and our commitment to witness to a life in Communion with God and through Him with each other!

From the Church Fathers!

"The empty years of our desires separates us from our heavenly homeland, and our love for these desires, and our habits, clothe us in ugliness, what the Apostle calls "the old adam."  But, we who are wanderers in the journey of this life call out to God for help!  We must divest ourselves of this repulsiveness, and clothe ourselves with new desires, and form new habits, and foster a love for the Coming Age.  Through this, we will learn whether the Kingdom of God will be heaven or hell." 

                                                         St. Herman of Alaska


Services Schedule

Sundays: Matins (Orthros): 8:30am, This is a morning prayer service.

               Divine Liturgy (Mass): @ 930am, This is the Lord's Day Celebration with the Eucharist.

Thursdays:  Matins or Liturgy @ 930am, Check for Summer Hours!

Saturdays:  Great Vespers @ 5pm

Church Feast & Saint Days are celebrated in the evenings, if you would like to be put on our email list,  or for more information contact the Church office at 402.934.3688 between the hours of 10AM - 2PM.


Visit the Online Chapel for more daily readings, hymns, a monthly calendar of saints and feasts, and more.


@7pm! (Check Weekly


The Gospel of MARK.

Online Home Study

This is our Orthodox Catechism,

Form a small group of friends, or

study by yourself, Contact

Fr. Alexander and set up

an appointment!

Our Faith

The Church has her origin with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, not with a human teacher, or group, nor a code of conduct or religious philosophy. Learn more»

Forget COSTCO!


Tuesday, May 19th

Vigil on the Leave-taking

of Pascha @ 6pm

(fasting from lunch)

Wednesday, May 20th

Feast of Ascension

Vesperal-Divine Liturgy

@ 6pm

(fasting from lunch)

Sunday, May 17th,

Holy Father of the 1st

Ecumenical Council

Matins @ 830 am

Divine Liturgy @ 930am


Monday, May 25th

Memorial Day

Cemetery Visits, See bulletin